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31 Oct 2016.Insurance Claim.

Tell us about a time you wished there existed an inventory tool that would have helped resolve a claim file more quickly and efficiently.

Whether you’re a customer or an insurance professional, your testimony can help prevent others from dealing with such a nightmarish ordeal.   

31 Oct 2016.Inheritance.

If you’ve experience the pitfalls of estate management, tell us about a centralized management tool that could have made the process easier.

Let us know what you think and help Operenzy bring awareness to the world!

31 Oct 2016.Virtual Assets.

What if a family member hadn’t left you with the necessary information to manage their digital identity before their departure?

PayPal, iTunes, Facebook, and online banking accounts, are just a few examples of the digital trail someone leaves behind. Explain how you could have avoided these steps using their credentials and a legal proxy.